Music is one of the few universal emotionally appealing experiences connecting all the human species. You don't even need to know the language in order to enjoy it. The quality of sound is the second most important element in the music listening experience, only after the music itself. I have spent most of my life pursuing the ultimate listening experience in emotionally engaging and lifelike music reproduction in both my audio and theater systems. This is my passion and I'm sure you'll share the same.

My goal with Oasis Audio is to provide an "Oasis" in your own home, with knowledge to the consumer so that a good purchasing decision can be made. I believe that I need to provide an opportunity for all to experience some of the best of what is available. To achieve this I have created a listening environment in my showroom that is very "home friendly" designed to act as a reference point.

If you have a piece of gear that you would like to hear in a controlled environment and compared to a reference please feel free to schedule an appointment to bring it in to my reference room.

Now, let's forget about all the marketing junkies and enjoy the music together! We also make very good coffee to go along with it!